“When The Time Is Right”

Ahhh, as we brainstorm and plan our future the phrase “when the time is right” is a huge aspect of the plan.  But, what do we mean by “when the time is right?” This phrase tends to appear often when talks of marriage, home buying, going back to school, or having a child is the headliner of the conversation.

But what do we really mean by “when the time is right?” How do you know when the time is right? Will the time ever be right? Or, are we using the phrase to mask our fears of commitment, investment, or failure.  Will the time ever be truly right? We can plan life down to the second, but how often do we find our self, modifying the initial plan because “life happens.” Life does not go as plan for the majority of us and we roll with the punches and keep moving.

Practice What You Preach

When my husband and I discuss starting a family we find ourselves sticking the phrase “when the time is right.” For me and this may apply to others, but the time will never be right for me.  It will always be more schooling that needs to be done, more investments need to be made, more sick leave days needed to be saved, and more travelling that needs to be done.  But, is that the root of the issue or just a cover up?

After some serious self-reflection, I realize it’s a cover up.  Am I ready now? No! Will I be ready 6 months from now? No! Will I be ready two years from now? No! So I’ve shifted my thoughts from “when the time is right” to “preparing.” Before any major life milestone, you prepare whether it’s mentally, emotionally, physically, or financially you prepare.  That preparation helps easy the fear of failure or disappointment.  It provides a sense of confidence and add pure joy when the goal is accomplished.

Mind Over Matter

The fear of failure keeps us from playing the game.  It enables us to provide acceptable excuses, and procrastinate on enjoying the wonders on life.  Life is too short for you to wait on “when the time is right” because, when the perfect time comes, fear has blinded you.  This is a lesson I’m still learning and will continue to learn.  Fear is the epitome of evil.

Just a little Friday Eve encouragement !


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Five Companies Who Provide Better Customer Service on Twitter Than By Phone

Ahhh Twitter has been known to be the platform for celebrity interactions, company advertisement, and a outlet for consumers to vent their frustrations.  I’ve been off Twitter for a while, and recently reconnected with it when we launched our blog.  It’s been interesting to say the least seeing the responses paired with the quality of service major companies provide via Twitter.


One day, I started venting about how  Verizon Fios channel packages are and how much I hate that they do not provide a basic line up.  Personally, the way they structure their packages is nothing spectacular either.  I had to sacrifice my Lifetime, Oxygen, and Entertainment channels so my husband can receive his sports channels. So what happened when I vented my frustrations via Twitter….

The initial interaction with Verizon sparked my curiosity.  So any issue that came up over the last few weeks I turned to Twitter to get answers and the results….WOW! I received some of the best customer service ever.    The reply time was quick, the problem solved within minutes and some of the most friendliest people ever!


My Snapchat was down one morning and it went down in the middle of a good Snapchat story series.  If that has ever happened to you, then you know how horrific that can be.  So, what happens when you contact Snapchat via Twitter? They troubleshoot for you in less than 5 minutes.


Turbo Tax

As the saga continues, I tried out the trend with Turbo Tax.  I waited until the first of April to file our taxes (I know I’m a procrastinator)  and calling for issues had me sitting on hold for 45 minutes.  When I tweeted about it guess what?  The issue was resolved in 10 minutes. FullSizeRender (60)

Papa John’s 

Just this weekend the Papa Johns close to our apartment were displaying what not to do to a customer.  This is by far the worst experience I have ever had from any type of restaurant.  They locked the door early, ignored us knocking, we called and they pick up and immediately put us on hold as we were standing outside looking at them (right, that face you are making was my face for the rest of the night). Guess who tweeted about it? Yep, me and I received a response via Twitter the next morning and a phone call from the area manager.

I have to give credit where credit is due, the phone called I received from the Area Manager was one of the most genuine apology you will ever receive from a manager.  He reviewed the cameras and confirmed everything I had noted.  He sounded so disappointed for their actions and genuinely wanted me to give them another shot. He called on a Sunday afternoon when most people would wait until Monday mid-day in hopes of catching the voicemail.  I was blown away. So yeah, Papa Johns will get my pennies once again.  FullSizeRender (58)

Crate & Barrel

Last but not least, Crate and Barrel.  I love this overpriced company but geez, if you have ever ordered anything from them, then you know their back orders take FOREVER. By, the time they are filled you have falling in love with a completely different style or item.  Personally, I think they need to eliminate the whole back orders shenanigans.  The table mats I ordered in February had not arrived by the end April.  I was on hold for about 20 minutes and was growing impatient.  Like always, I took to Twitter, provided them my order number and they squared me away and sent me a confirmation email.  No phone, no waiting, just request and it was done.FullSizeRender (59)

What are your thoughts on customer service via Twitter? Have you encountered any issues and contacted the company via Twitter.  I wanted to hear your thoughts.  Leave a comment below or you can always tweet us (@jadeandrikki). Happy Tuesday readers!

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A Thank You To Our Supporters


WOW, is all we can say.  We first launched our blog on Valentines day (2-14-16) and never imagined so many people would be interested in our “Simple Life.” We discussed for years about starting a blog.  When Jade left for law enforcement training it gave me ideal time to start planning (serious bestie withdrawals).  We also have goals each year that we discuss and launching the blog was the deal for 2016!

We have been nominated for the Liebster Award twice from MyCrazyAshLife and Jay Colby (head over and check out their amazing blogs), we have surpassed our initial goal of 100 followers and doubled it. As of today we have 213  amazingly supportive readers.  Remember to subscribe so you don’t miss a beat 🙂


Top Ten Things About Jade:

1) A True California girl

*San Diego by way of Point Loma ( Go Pointers ) and Bay Area for my high school years! California is my home and like anyone, we all have a special spot in our hearts for our home, mine just happens to be the great Sunshine State.  California is my safe haven and maybe one day I can call it home again.

2) Pinterest Fanatic if you couldn’t guess it by now!

* I don’t know who invented this creation but shame on them for making it as addicting as ever.  There’s not one day I go without looking through the Pinterest App on my phone.  It’s exciting just to see the new pins every page I go on. I do however only go on ( Foods, Travel, Weddings, DIY, and home decor) everything….”gets NO LOVE”, but the search engine is the million dollar trade. I can look up sickness symptoms, housewarming gifts for co-workers, and the list just goes on and on. Whoever you are out there, BLESS YOU!

3) Secret Crushes on Michael B. Jordan & Trey Burke

*Lets just say…”Have you seen these two gentlemen”? Let me just remind you of them…lol I think ultimately I have a crush on Michael B. Jordan because he looks like my hunny boo. Why else right? And Trey? ha, he got lucky to be on my list …. ( just don’t tell him)

4) Obsessed with Cooking Shows/New Recipes

*From Pioneer Woman to the new Tia Mowry on the cooking show, I love them all. I have taken so many recipes from each show on the channel and just used it for references. I don’t make their main courses too much but they definitely inspire other dishes I like. Something about cooking just makes the world a happy place; and for me its fulfilling!

5) Absolutely hates working out

*I haven’t been hit by the workout bug, and I don’t foresee it anytime soon. I wish there was a magic spell to cast upon me and I will wake up and run 3 miles a day with ease. But the reality of it is, I hate it!!! I played college volleyball all 4 years and you would think it came natural to me? Ha, try again. NOPE!

6) New found love for gardening & plants (but hate bugs )

*Buying this house with my BF has opened my eyes to new adventures, one being Gardening! I haven’t started it yet ( HAHA ) but I have been researching on it a lot lately. Rikki, did her own strawberry garden and I’ve been wanting to do it for the longest now.  I don’t eat much strawberries but I would love to get started on other veggies soon.  I don’t like bees or bugs but I guess that something I’ll have to get over! Any advice or blogs please leave them in the comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7) Bargain shopper, I never pay full price for ANYTHING

*Thank my beautiful mother who passed this obsession on to me. When I say we pay for NOTHING full price, we don’t but I mean with the basics of life, not things that can’t be “discounted”.  [ I promise to make a blog about this very subject ] . Shopping Apps, coupons, discount stores like TJ MAXX, and email promotions are my addictions to saving a few dollars here and there.

8) My first concert: Britney Spears

*Yup! In the 6th grade; 2 friends and her mother carried us to the “Oops! I did it again” concert and it was a blast!  I was the epitome of 90’s Pop Culture and it only got worse after that! From Usher, to B2K all in high school….I thought I was the Shhhhhhhhhh! I miss going to concerts, If I could choose to go to any concert being that I’m 26 now, I would choose a Trey Songz or an old school mix, how amazing would that be? Rikki and I need to go to a Taylor Swift or Carrie Underwood….its on our Best Friends Bucket List!

9) Adores all animals, some more than others!

*My new favorite pet I would love to have but I know Mr. Man would have a heart attack over is; A piglet !! Those little boogers are the cutest things were their small, but they grow fast and living in the suburbs with HOA’s, I don’t think that will fly, but I guess being in the country this long, you love animals.

10) I have the best boyfriend ever….soon to be Mrs. Summerville

* You know I couldn’t go one whole post with out mentioning my boo thang. And its True, we really bring out the best in each other, I’m lucky to have him ( as well as he is lucky to have me ) but I’m blessed to have a beautiful relationship with this man, drama-free, and trying to make the most out of this world God created for us. We are always wanting the next best thing in life, education and career and won’t settle for less!


Top 5 Things About Rikki:

  • I love technology!
    • Apple products are necessities in life. Anything dealing with technology, I love to read and research about.  I’m also a trial and error type of learner, so technology provides you with the ability to explore with minimal damage.  I work in the instructional design field so I love to be ahead of the game when it comes to new emerging tech tools that are coming out.
  • Youtube is amazinggggg!
  • 90% of the time I “Shop Small”
    • I come from a business oriented family.  I love to shop small and support the “little man.” My favorite site to find some awesome shops is Etsy!  If you have never been on this site you are losing in life.  From home decor, fashion, gifts, and little knick knacks. Below are some of my favorite shops.    Soon we are going to start featuring them with a “Small Business Saturday” section!
  • Cooking is Therapeutic
    • As you see, Jade and I love to cook.  I think I converted her to an at home chef when we were roommates in college.  I love to watch Chopped, Cupcake Wars, and Hell’s Kitchen.  They always think out the box and I love it.  Growing up my Ma ALWAYS cooked.  My first frozen dinner experience happened in college so she set the bar pretty high for my future family.
  • Adulting sucks
    • I just want to be a kid again.  Bills, responsibility, adulting SUCKS! I know it’s a part of life but geez.   Life is hard, and finding a balance between enjoying my twenties and planning for retirement is baffling.


Keep up with our “Simple Life” on Instagram @jade.rikki  and Twitter @jadeandrikki. Once again, thank you for all your continued support.

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Happy Valentines Day

My very 1st entry into the blog and it happens to fall on “lovers weekend”, so to speak. I hope everyone has a spectacular day or evening or weekend!!!

My sugar love and I have had 3 previous Valentine’s, each where it was both unique in its on own way. Our first year, we experience the Melting Pot Restaurant with presents/coupons/ flowers and etc. 2nd year his high school friends decided to have a joint V-Day extravaganza, which included party bus, cookout, friends, and waffle house date after the club! And last year, his job happened to have his weekender (once a year, his company takes a weekend trip to celebrate all the bonuses they made the previous year….) we lucked out that it was in our back yard this year “Myrtle Beach”, had dinner, happy hour, and a free hotel to do whatever it is, we wanted ♡. So the whole point of that “run-on-sentence”, was that my hunny and I have had our fair share of Valentines which brings me to my next point….

We ain’t doing ishhhhhh this year lol!!! But let me redirect my statement. We are a young couple who has recently bought a home (a year ago, so not recent anymore), but have been spending our Last bit of pennies in our savings for the house, birthdays/christmas, our next trip in June to Aruba, a possible job change coming up in a few weeks, and the stress has been unreal.  Valentines day sort of snuck up on us this year and we both just did not have plans.

Fast forward to Friday….. well its a typical Friday at the Sheriff’s office; and I had to work late. Like usual, I’m sad and upset another weekend I’m home late, and of course It doesn’t phase him one bit. Normal words, “it’s okay boo, just get home safe”.  (Why is he soooooooooooo sweet?) Well finally I get home at 9pm with a few friends texting me to go out (NO, exhausted)…as I walk in the door, rose pedals leading up to the stair case and into the room. Bath water running, pedicure/spa accessories/ flowers everywhere and him with a HUGE smile saying Happy Valentines day! It made me melt from head to toe. We live together so it’s difficult to plan surprises like he did, (he’s complained previously about that lol…..but that’s another post).

image1 (1)

I felt so loved and special, because we literally just talked about just relaxing and maybe dinner…and he had the weekend planned. It made me think, after all its said and done, after all the fussing I give him saying he doesn’t pay attention, and he never argues back, instead he just proves me wrong continuously! !!!! I’m so blessed for him.

My present to him, he hasn’t received yet so that’s the next post 😉 but it’s something simple and thoughtful, but I can never top how he made me feel this weekend…..

image2 (1)

Enjoy your weekend, whether it’s a whole shabang, spa package, or just dinner and movie.  Tomorrow is Never promised so live for the moment and love! And don’t forget about HIM ♡

1st entry ….. and a million more to go.


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Will You Be My Valentine?

It’s that time of year, when roses are sent, candy is bought, and love is being made.  Many singles have probably searched the last few months for a date. The stores have advertised it since Christmas and now it’s here.

Personally, I’m not a fan of the holiday because I truly believe love should be shown throughout the year, not just on one day.  But, I do think it’s a good holiday for new couples that are fresh on the dating scene. It’s allows them to break the ice and wow the other person.

To help keep the spark in our love life, each year my husband and I always ask to be each other Valentine.  It’s just a simple gesture, and pretty much all we do for the “holiday”.

FullSizeRender (1)


Who can say no to a bag of M&M’s and beer? I placed the bag and beer on the table Friday afternoon before he came home from work and BOOM…he loved it. Total cost $8.99!

FullSizeRender (2)


Keeping it old school 🙂 I made the collage and saved it as his screen saver on his laptop.  During this time, he was a full time grad student in his last semester, writing his thesis. When he arrived to the library…BOOM!  Who can say no to baby pictures? Total cost $0.00–FREE!!!!

FullSizeRender (6)


This year, has been a world wind.  We’ve moved to another state, started new jobs, got married, so whenever we can just sit back and relax, we milk the opportunity.  The remote was include as a “surrender” to the typical “argument”.  I’m watching something and he comes in a turns to football.  Instead of “fussing”, I gave in for the sake of LOVE 🙂

Alright lovebirds, remember it’s the simple things that go a long way.  Love should be shown year round, and pure love is free!

Until Next Time,