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A Day At Boordy Vineyards

If you haven’t noticed by now, the love I have for wine is out of this world. Now, I call myself fancy and desire a nice cheese board to pair with it (our National Drink Wine Day post has a great cheeseboard option). I’m rubbing off on my husband, because he is officially a wino with me.

We are red wine drinkers.  Merlot, Pinot Noir, Cabernet, Malbec are staples around the house.  One of my anniversary treats from JaMarcus was a trip to a local vineyard, which included a tasting of over 15 wines and a tour  with a very informative tour guide.  It was amazing.  I’ve been to an winery before, but that was before I fell in love with the art of wine.

Boordy Vineyard is a HUGE vineyard tucked away on the outskirts of Baltimore.  It is located in Hydes, Maryland and the grounds are immaculate.  For $17 we were able to try a wide variety of wines and take home a souvenir glass. What I love about wine tasting is the educational part (clearly I’m a teacher). To learn the process on how to make wine, obtain a certain flavor, or achieve particular body amazes me and boy does the employees at Boordy know their stuff.


We actually fell in love with Boordy wine at our local Farmers Market (another deadly addiction for me).  They had a booth there, we stop for the free samples and walked away with a bottle (that’s how they always get me).  All the wine we sample that day were light body and even the reds had a sweet taste to them.  We had talked about it for a few days then let it go.  When we started brainstorming anniversary plans, JaMarcus mentioned it again and it was definitely a must.

When we walked into the tasting room, I was surprise to see quite a crowd.  There were about eight others in our tasting, and there was another group in the room participating in a tasting also.  The traffic coming in and out was also shocking.  We looked at each other and realized we stumbled upon a “hot” spot.


The first half of our tasting we were able to sample all nine Landmark wines.  I love when they provide a sheet detailing the wines because I like to take notes. When I take notes I rank them, note what I don’t like so in the future, we don’t make the awful mistake of buying a bottle we don’t really prefer.

After, we made our way down the list and finished the tasting, they invited you up to the sitting area where you could enjoy a bottle of wine you purchased, or do an extended wine tasting.  Who could say NO to more wine? It was only an additional $2 dollars which made the offer even more appealing.

FullSizeRender (33)

At the second tasting, we were able to try five additional wines.  The sweet lady in the photo provided us with some serious knowledge.  She took her time during the tasting and just made us fall in love with the place even more.  During our conversation with her, she informed us that they have a host of events during the summer.  Live bands, karaoke, and they even have a food truck on the property.  Not only do they have a variety of events, they also allow you to bring food into the vineyard.  You are allowed to have a picnic out there (I’m sold).  I wish I would have known that before we came, we would have loaded up!

After we went through all the wine tastings, we purchased a bottle of wine and sat down to enjoy the vibe.  We started on the outside, then shifted to the inside. It was the perfect kick off to our anniversary weekend.

For all of my wine connoisseurs, this is a must add to your vineyard bucket list.  Pack a picnic or a nice cheese board and enjoy.  You have to do the full wine tasting, it’s worth it!

Boordy Vineyards 

Address:12820 Long Green Pike, Hydes, Maryland 21082 USA

Located in Baltimore County, 8 miles northeast of the Baltimore beltway (I-695) exits 29 or 31, and a thirty minute drive from downtown Baltimore. Boordy is 50 miles from Washington D.C.; 90 miles from Philadelphia, PA; and 45 miles from Annapolis, MD.

Leave a comment and let me know what vineyards I should add to my bucket list.  Follow us on Twitter @jadeandrikki to keep up with all the content we are working on for you guys.  We are also on Instagram (@jade.rikki) where you can see the world through our eyes.

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Happy Anniversay


Dear JaMarcus,

Ooooo wee baby, we made it through the first year.  Where did the time go? Can we slow it down? As always, you keep life interesting.  Our first year has been far from typical, traditional, or easy. This year was a year of bonding on new levels and perseverance. Each day and each obstacle we faced helped build a foundation for our future.

My love for you hit new depths each day. You have challenge me to grow outside of my comfort zone, explore new things, and utilize all of my abilities.  You have open my eyes so much within this year, and I’m forever grateful for that.

As we reflect on the past year, set goals for this coming year, and celebrate this milestone I have to thank you.

Thank You For….

  • The random I love yous that comes perfectly timed on my rough days.
  • The endless, redundant conversations about the future that helps me stay focus and motivated
  •  Wiping my homesick tears
  • Remembering my favorite flowers
  • Compromising to see me happy
  • Praying for me, you and us
  • Celebrating my victories
  • Learning from my failures
  • Eating Ramen Noodles with me when money was tight
  • Holding me at night
  • Calling me beautiful 
  • Being you
  • Honoring our vows
  • Proving every stereotype wrong that society has placed on black men


All the chaos of life has been made a little easier with you by my side.  As we continue to strive for better, build a future, and tackle the obstacles life throw our way my hope is that we continue to love unconditionally, laugh during the hard times, and appreciate our growth. Excited to see how Year 2 treat us. One year down, forever to go.


Forever your Lady,


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Mountains Trip

Well, the say there is a first time for everything right? I am a born and raised true California girl and I  take pride in it. I was fortunate to come from a family who believes in spending money on the amazing world God has created. My dear mother is a retired Navy Reservist and she raised me to believe that “the sky is the limit”.

Growing up, our frequent trips to Disneyland, Six Flags, the Wild Animal Park ( San Diego Zoo ), had my 11th birthday in the “Circus Circus” hotel, and many places and states I traveled for Club Volleyball, the list is endless and I appreciate her inspiring and
showing me a world of adventure. My boyfriend and I have made it a point to include that goal or as they say it “#Relationshipgoal.” It’s the hobby that keeps our spark alive.

The beginning of the year, we decided to go to the mountains as a first for both of us. We typically decide on places in a big city or a resort to travel and get our “passport stamps”, but we decided to take a leap of faith and travel to the mountains.  Both of us are truly “suburban raised”, and no absolutely nothing about camping, hunting, fishing, and well you get the picture.

We did what we do best and “Google” our way through planning. Tripadvisor, Groupon, looked up the cabins in its entirety (believe me, long nights going through all the cabin pictures can get annoying), researched activity and weather history and restaurants
near by.  We started out with the two of us, and ended being six good friends last minute.

FullSizeRender (32)

Cabin Details

The website we booked for the cabin was and they were a pleasure to work with.  They sent out information regarding the Cabin, places to eat, and activities they offered in the winter time.  Being that it was COLD, and we hate the COLD (that’s why we live at the beach), we knew we were just going to be in the house. We book a month in advance and upon arrival, it was as easy as ONE-TWO-THREE.

Once the weekend came, we all traveled together to what it was called, Bryson City, NC. We picked up our keys and received directions to the house.  Well, let me tell you about the journey to get to the house.  It was dark, steep hills, and serious curve dirt road that I never thought existed. I guess I naively thought it would be a straight road up the hill to the house, HA….boy, were we in for a rude awakening.  Luckily, we did have one mountain girl who grew up in a town close by and was used to the narrow cliff roads, that if you sneezed you would fall off the road.

After holding our breath to get to the house, the breathtaking views of our house and our surroundings took the cake! The pictures did it NO JUSTICE! From the bedrooms, to the major kitchen, HOT TUB ( yes hot tub outside ) and outdoor deck with flat screen tv, we were in heaven! We also had a card table, wet bar, and 3 bedrooms. We dropped our bags and began our journey back down to town for  food and drinks for the weekend.

FullSizeRender (31)

Weekend Must Haves 

The closest town was “Cherokee, NC”, and it happened to be on a reservation (how could you guess? The name definitely gave it away right!?!). We we went to the local Food Lion and picked up breakfast food, everyone had their own favorite snacks and dinner for Saturday night, STEAKS!!! After walking Food Lion 3 times we finally came to the conclusion there wasn’t an aisle for BEER! We were mortified, probably the worst sight to see. According to the store clerk, they don’t serve alcohol on the reservation! Can you say panic mode? HAHA, so we had to drive a little out of town for the closet gas station/ ABC store.  I must say, it was pretty cool knowing we were on the reservation and the powerful history to say the least, we can check that off the bucket list!

FullSizeRender (30)

After all the commotion is over with, we have finally arrived, settled in, and began to PARTAYYY!!!! We relaxed, laughed, played, and just treasure the moment. It was just what we needed.

The bedrooms were beautiful; it was FREEZING like hell, but relaxing and comfortable. Something new and different.  Each night, we did something different. Shots of course, drinking games, card games, football games were on as well.  Each couple cooked a meal, we did breakfast (I mean who can go wrong with that easy meal), one couple grilled steaks and another couple made Queso for a mid-day snack.  During the days, we hung out with each other, one couple went down to the river and explored the area a bit, my boyfriend and I are sports fans, so we watch the games and napped downstairs while the other couples hung out on the balcony and played pool.

I really and truly enjoyed myself and the company with us! Everyone got along being that it was the first time some met each other and it was all positive vibes. This city girl loveeeeeeeddddd the mountains and can’t wait to go back soon!


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Myrtle Beach Happy Hour Find

Happy Tuesday Readers !!!

Another week has come and gone, I swear the older I get the faster the days go by. Why can’t time just stop moving soooooooooooo fast. If you haven’t guessed, I’ve chosen the career choice of being in law enforcement and I absolutely love it!!! There is a lot of bad press recently regarding police officers but there are tremendous amount of positives that does not get the “social media” reward of validation and that’s okay. Trust me, not one police officer I know does it for “praise and thank you’s”. That being said, I am extremely busy during the week. We have slow moments but generally it’s a non stop and unpredictable day. But I promise to do better with my posts!!!!!

Now on to Happy Hour goodies. Who does not love a good happy hour?? I mean a really GOOOD happy hour. The bells and whistles with the whole cha-bang!

On Saturdays, if my sweetie and I are both home together, our ritual is happy hour. Cheap drinks and even cheaper food, it’s a chance for me to put on make up and get cute (let’s be honest, how cute would you want to be with boots, bullet proof vest and hair pinned up? yuck lol!) So I yearn for the chance to let my hair down for him. We moved to the Myrtle Beach area a few years ago and it seems that we’ve exhausted almost all restaurants options.

One of our favorite Happy Hour option is “Burro Loco”.Their Happy Hour is everyday from 4pm-7pm and  they have the cheapest prices in town.  During the week, is the best time to go. They have music blasting, karaoke and the crowd they attract makes for a fun atmosphere. It’s perfect for all ages, singles, couples, and families. Surprisingly, Saturday is the slowest day  (and we like to take that advantage lol.)

FullSizeRender (8)


Prices range from

  • $3.50  Margaritas
  •  $2.95 House Liquor
  • $2.50 Drafts
  • $8.50 Pitchers
  • $3.95 Beergaritas
  • $14.95 Frozen Ritas Pitchers

My boyfriend, is still on his heath kick, so he gets the house liquor with a juice or tonic for less sugar intake.

FullSizeRender (6)


We always get the wings. Surprisingly, the wings 3 years ago used to be FREE! Yes, FREE. They were running a special that offered free 10 pieces of wings when you ate at the bar.

  • $3–10 piece wings
  • $1–tacos
  • $4 Pizza
  • Free–Chips and Salsa

FullSizeRender (7)
Weekly Happenings

    2 for $5 Margaritas
    60oz. Crazy Cactus Fishbowl Special
    Industry Night
    | Bring All Your Amigos &
    Compete for $100 (10 ppl min.). From 8pm
  • Whisk(e)y | $3.95 Fireball & $2.95 Jack Daniel’s Fire
    Live Music Starting at 4pm
    Free Ride Friday
    , Beginning at 4pm | Monarch 544
    Game Night
    | Dueling Party Games,
    Including Guitar Hero. 7-10pm
    Rehab Brunch
    | $1 Bloody Maria
    With Entree Purchase

Spending $20 on a simple Happy Hour meal….is what I consider a happy boyfriend who is footing the bill and a happy girl who is full. It also makes a good day date option. During the week, it’s dinner/shower/sleep/repeat, so it’s refreshing to get out.

Until next time….if your ever in Myrtle Beach, SC area…..check it out!!!!

Jaddddeeeeeeeee ♡

Date Night

Timeless Date Night Ideas

Like most couples trying to find something different and affordable for date night can be challenging.  At some point it seems like you have done everything there is to do.

We’ve compiled a short list of “timeless” date night ideas we enjoy. While developing our list, we picked the most affordable options that were both male and female friendly! We tend to be bias to what women prefer.


It’s simple! Go check out your local bowling alley.  Most of them are  $20 or less for two people to bowl prior to 7pm. The fancier the bowling alley, the more expensive it is. We normally “bet” something (foot massage, who’s paying for dinner, walking the dog, laundry duty) to keep the competition atmosphere alive. If you are in the DMV area, check out our previous post reviewing  Lucky Strike located in the heart of Washington, DC.


Binge Watch Classic TV Shows

Martin, Fresh Prince, and Save By The Bell are a staple in our house on the weekends when football season is over (of course)! You can purchase complete seasons on Amazon of your favorite shows. So get cozy and binge watch while enjoying your favorite take out.


Game Night

Jenga, UNO, Phase 10 are all two player games that are classic fun. We normally turn on Pandora, blast the music and get competitive. If you and your mate are drinkers taking shots if you lose a round in UNO or Jenga makes for an interesting night.

FullSizeRender (5)

Happy Hour Hopping

How can you turn down $.25 wings, $2 beer , and $3 Rum and Cokes? Order a drink or two then bounce to 2-3 different restaurants (three on a good night) and you walk away with lots of laughs and great conversation.

What are some of your favorite date night ideas? We would love to hear from you and explore some of your suggestions.  Leave a comment below.

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Lucky Strike

Ahhh…who doesn’t love a good game of bowling. Bowling can be a fun, easy, and if you “shop” around it can be fairly inexpensive.

My husband (Rikki) birthday just passed on the 28th of January.  To celebrate, we went to a few happy hours, bowling, and a nice dinner.  We’ve only been in the DMV area for about a month so exploring new places is definitely a must when we go out.

For bowling we picked a hidden bowling alley, in “Chinatown” (yes, DC has a Chinatown).  It was tucked away next to the Verizon center but when you walk in the vibe completely changed.  We were greeted warmly by the host and was assisted quickly with shoes, and bowling lane set-up.


Lucky Strike has an amazing Happy Hour from 4-7 Monday through Friday. Unfortunately we were a little early for Happy Hour. For $33.17 it covered two games of bowling and shoes for two which is not bad for an upscale location.

FullSizeRender (4)

We order two beers a piece ( Blue Moon & Goose Island IPA) and Asian Tai Wings.  OMG!!!!…the Asian Tai Wings were amazingggggg.  Just the right amount of crispy and tossed in just the right amount of flavor (I swear it seems like my husband is a wing connoisseur 🙂 ).  The only con with this experience was the beers were kinda high coming in a $6 bucks a piece.  Total cost for 4 beers and 1lb (10 wings) of wings $35.00.
FullSizeRender (5)FullSizeRender (3)

So, overall we will definitely be back.  The music was live, the atmosphere was calming, and the prices were average for the area. If you are ever in the DMV area and want to enjoy a game of bowling, visit Lucky Strike.  If you have been here feel free to leave a comment and tell us about your experience.

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