“When The Time Is Right”

Ahhh, as we brainstorm and plan our future the phrase “when the time is right” is a huge aspect of the plan.  But, what do we mean by “when the time is right?” This phrase tends to appear often when talks of marriage, home buying, going back to school, or having a child is the headliner of the conversation.

But what do we really mean by “when the time is right?” How do you know when the time is right? Will the time ever be right? Or, are we using the phrase to mask our fears of commitment, investment, or failure.  Will the time ever be truly right? We can plan life down to the second, but how often do we find our self, modifying the initial plan because “life happens.” Life does not go as plan for the majority of us and we roll with the punches and keep moving.

Practice What You Preach

When my husband and I discuss starting a family we find ourselves sticking the phrase “when the time is right.” For me and this may apply to others, but the time will never be right for me.  It will always be more schooling that needs to be done, more investments need to be made, more sick leave days needed to be saved, and more travelling that needs to be done.  But, is that the root of the issue or just a cover up?

After some serious self-reflection, I realize it’s a cover up.  Am I ready now? No! Will I be ready 6 months from now? No! Will I be ready two years from now? No! So I’ve shifted my thoughts from “when the time is right” to “preparing.” Before any major life milestone, you prepare whether it’s mentally, emotionally, physically, or financially you prepare.  That preparation helps easy the fear of failure or disappointment.  It provides a sense of confidence and add pure joy when the goal is accomplished.

Mind Over Matter

The fear of failure keeps us from playing the game.  It enables us to provide acceptable excuses, and procrastinate on enjoying the wonders on life.  Life is too short for you to wait on “when the time is right” because, when the perfect time comes, fear has blinded you.  This is a lesson I’m still learning and will continue to learn.  Fear is the epitome of evil.

Just a little Friday Eve encouragement !


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2 thoughts on ““When The Time Is Right”

  1. I agree fear gives us obstacles to what we want to do. It’s incapacitating. At the same time, we should not be rash.
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