Mothers Day Crafts

A simple “Happy Mother’s Day” gift….that goes a long way!

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Over the weekend, I had my beautiful step-daughter staying for the weekend, and I needed something cool to do.  She is a growing up so fast.  She is  6 years old, active, intelligent, and enjoys learning new crafts and projects! She is a bright and beautiful young lady and I can’t believe how polite and well-manner she has become (tear). Okay enough sentimental stuff, lets get down to making crafts.

Well, my mom suggested I make something for her mother for mother’s day…a good way to get her to learn a new craft, its in-expensive, and very personable from her daughter. I was going through Pinterest ( the mother ship ), and saw the mason jar crafts the whole world is going crazy over for weddings, and showers.  I thought, how cute would “flowers, cards, and candies” would be!?! When I asked her what she thought, she jumped with excitement like I told her we were going to Disneyland 🙂 I felt honored my idea was cool enough for a 6 year old going on 16 …”cool step-mom” award?? HA! not yet, maybe when she’s older lol. Anywho, I gathered some Ideas and tried to come up with a shopping idea.

Let’s Get Started 

We got all our things from Michael’s & A.C. Moore ( I know yall seen the coupons )…. one item per person/ per day/ per transaction ! I got a couple mason jars, glitter, glue, flowers, and some candy from her easter basket we failed to put together last minute. ( If your reading this in the future *L,bug….we love you lol) I think she honestly just enjoyed the bonding time and the goal set in her mind that she was doing something special for her mother.

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We came home and I actually gave her another project to do. (Lets be real, children+glitter+hardwood floor= not in my house lol)2  While I glittered-fied the mason jars, I also traced her hand, flower pot, leaves, stems, and flowers to paste on the card and write a love message to her mother. Kept her busy for the time being and it was a sentimental present for her #1 fan, her mother.

The Finished Product

It turned out beautiful, I was thinking about going to get me a couple more jars for my own house…..but I digress, its the thought that counts and the good gesture that’s worth the satisfaction in the long run. Found an old birthday bag and put it all in one. I had M&M’s stashed away so my boyfriend wouldn’t devour them, and put them in the jar as “the planting seeds”. The M&M’s were pink, blue, yellow….well pastel colors, and the flowers were hand picked from Michaels, by the princess! She thought her mother would love them! I believe she did.

FullSizeRender (63)

How was your Mother’s Day? Any awesome craft ideas that can also be used for Fathers Day? Leave a comment below and let us know.  Track us on Twitter (jadeandrikki) and Instagram (jade.rikki). 

Until Next Time,



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