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Fave Etsy Shops

I’m all for shopping small.  Why give your hard earned money to corporations where the CEO’s make more money than some of us will see in a lifetime.  I come from a business orientated family.  My parents is into real estate, my grandparents owned a funeral home, and my aunt has a restaurant.

When I first got engaged, I found a new love for Etsy.  I could get things personalized and it always added unique out the box touches.  Below are my favorite Etsy shops. You can find ANYTHING on Etsy and can browse the different shops for the best prices. The list is in no particular order and this post is NOT sponsored.  Enjoy.


FullSizeRender (53)

Ms. Suzette customer service is AMAZING! We had a lost package.  She contacted the post office and replace the item.  It’s an awesome shop if you are searching for the perfect baby shower gift.  I love how she makes the little knick knacks that we forget about.  Paci clips, door silencer, etc.


FullSizeRender (50)

Handcrafted wood items! In the age where Farmhouse decor is in this is the place to buy those finishing touch items.  We purchased the stained pallet wine race in the color slate (pale grey).  It came out beautiful.  We get lots of compliments on it.  The quality is amazing, no assembly required, and the drilling instructions come with it along with the nails.



I ordered robes for my bridal party and they came out amazing.  They were good quality waffle robes and the monograms on them were flawless. Along with the great product the shipping was fast.  My bridal party still send me SnapChats of them rocking their robes. It’s been over a year and they still look fresh.


All the way in California slaying custom ties and bowties for the men.  I had to add something here for the men.  We order my husband bowtie for the wedding from here. They also do the cutest bowtie options for babies and toddlers along with the cutest father son combos.

Let us know some of your favorite Etsy shops or small business stores. I would love to give them a try.  Leave the names below, tweet us @jadeandrikki, or Instagram @jade.rikki.  Shoot us an email if you would like a small business feature.  We would love to partner with you.


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10 thoughts on “Fave Etsy Shops

  1. My Husband and I have been considering Etsy as a destination to begin selling his Art, so it’s encouraging to hear an open praise from the consumer POV. Thank you for sharing! Always and inspiration source I love to turn to.

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    1. Thank you! I love how Etsy is a small community of shops. I buy from shops up there often. Keep us posted if you do we would love to partner with you.
      Good luck


  2. So I think that would be a lot of fun actually. I love your taste (we use the same blog theme LOL!) We also focus on similar topics including attention to budget. I’ll shoot you an email so you can check out our Art Style and see if it’s fitting for you. Cheers to supporting Shop Small!

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