Date Night

Happy Anniversay


Dear JaMarcus,

Ooooo wee baby, we made it through the first year.  Where did the time go? Can we slow it down? As always, you keep life interesting.  Our first year has been far from typical, traditional, or easy. This year was a year of bonding on new levels and perseverance. Each day and each obstacle we faced helped build a foundation for our future.

My love for you hit new depths each day. You have challenge me to grow outside of my comfort zone, explore new things, and utilize all of my abilities.  You have open my eyes so much within this year, and I’m forever grateful for that.

As we reflect on the past year, set goals for this coming year, and celebrate this milestone I have to thank you.

Thank You For….

  • The random I love yous that comes perfectly timed on my rough days.
  • The endless, redundant conversations about the future that helps me stay focus and motivated
  •  Wiping my homesick tears
  • Remembering my favorite flowers
  • Compromising to see me happy
  • Praying for me, you and us
  • Celebrating my victories
  • Learning from my failures
  • Eating Ramen Noodles with me when money was tight
  • Holding me at night
  • Calling me beautiful 
  • Being you
  • Honoring our vows
  • Proving every stereotype wrong that society has placed on black men


All the chaos of life has been made a little easier with you by my side.  As we continue to strive for better, build a future, and tackle the obstacles life throw our way my hope is that we continue to love unconditionally, laugh during the hard times, and appreciate our growth. Excited to see how Year 2 treat us. One year down, forever to go.


Forever your Lady,


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