Jack Daniel’s Soap Dispenser

So today, I felt the need to get my Pinterest status on and complete a DIY craft project.  Something simple while my sweetie wasn’t home. I have to be honest, I am still and will FOREVER be a CALI Girl! So with that being said we have no clue how to do anything without directions. With directions…I’m a beast!!

I stumbled across a Jack Daniel’s Soap Dispenser that looked pretty cool, not too feminine and not too masculine. Plus, I had plenty of Jack Daniel bottles lying around (not really lol)!

FullSizeRender (27)


  • One regular bottle of Jack Daniel’s Honey

Fun Fact: Try mixing it with Ginger Ale & it will change your life

Disclaimer: Ages 21+ please, and no drinking and driving!  (I’m still an officer LOL)

  • Regular Soap Dispenser

You can buy them anywhere, I picked one up  Target because they were on sale. Most regular soap dispenser will fit your Jack Daniels bottle. Just choose the color and look you want.

  • A Dollar Tree empty Spray Bottle

The inside of the cord will be too short for the bottle, the cheapest thing to do is buy the bottle and just use the cord.  All of them are interchangeable but, once you buy the soap dispenser, you will understand why a longer cord is needed

  • Your Favorite Liquid Hand Soap
  • Scissors


  • After you purchased the soap dispenser and cheap empty bottle, unscrew the tops of each bottle set it aside.
  • Next, make sure to clean your Jack Daniel’s bottle out with soap and water, don’t want you to waste the last drop of “goodness”!
  • The cord that it is attached to the new soap dispenser will be too short. Pull down on the cord to remove it (its very easy to take out).
  • Now, switch the cords. The cord from the cheap spray bottle should be on your Jack Daniels dispenser now
  • It is likely the cord “should” be extremely way too long to use in your bottle like it is. Cut it accordingly to your liking. It may take a few measurements and few cuts at a time to get it right!
  •  Add your favorite liquid hand soap.  I just used a generic dollar tree soap to start with.  Remember, whenever it needs a refill  you can always pick a different soap.
  • Screw the top on and VOOOOOILLLLAAAAAA! Magic! (in my best rapper voice). It cannot get anymore simpler than that!!!!!!

FYI: You can decorate it up, put rhinestones on it, bows, and string, anything you want. I kept it classic for now, but who knows what will happen in the future with it!!

FullSizeRender (26)

Send me more simple DIY crafts!! We are on Pinterest @jadeandrikki.  Send me pins so I can try them out. As always, tags us in your creations on Instagram @jade.rikki or #jadeandrikki on any social platform.




11 thoughts on “Jack Daniel’s Soap Dispenser

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