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Myrtle Beach Happy Hour Find

Happy Tuesday Readers !!!

Another week has come and gone, I swear the older I get the faster the days go by. Why can’t time just stop moving soooooooooooo fast. If you haven’t guessed, I’ve chosen the career choice of being in law enforcement and I absolutely love it!!! There is a lot of bad press recently regarding police officers but there are tremendous amount of positives that does not get the “social media” reward of validation and that’s okay. Trust me, not one police officer I know does it for “praise and thank you’s”. That being said, I am extremely busy during the week. We have slow moments but generally it’s a non stop and unpredictable day. But I promise to do better with my posts!!!!!

Now on to Happy Hour goodies. Who does not love a good happy hour?? I mean a really GOOOD happy hour. The bells and whistles with the whole cha-bang!

On Saturdays, if my sweetie and I are both home together, our ritual is happy hour. Cheap drinks and even cheaper food, it’s a chance for me to put on make up and get cute (let’s be honest, how cute would you want to be with boots, bullet proof vest and hair pinned up? yuck lol!) So I yearn for the chance to let my hair down for him. We moved to the Myrtle Beach area a few years ago and it seems that we’ve exhausted almost all restaurants options.

One of our favorite Happy Hour option is “Burro Loco”.Their Happy Hour is everyday from 4pm-7pm and  they have the cheapest prices in town.  During the week, is the best time to go. They have music blasting, karaoke and the crowd they attract makes for a fun atmosphere. It’s perfect for all ages, singles, couples, and families. Surprisingly, Saturday is the slowest day  (and we like to take that advantage lol.)

FullSizeRender (8)


Prices range from

  • $3.50  Margaritas
  •  $2.95 House Liquor
  • $2.50 Drafts
  • $8.50 Pitchers
  • $3.95 Beergaritas
  • $14.95 Frozen Ritas Pitchers

My boyfriend, is still on his heath kick, so he gets the house liquor with a juice or tonic for less sugar intake.

FullSizeRender (6)


We always get the wings. Surprisingly, the wings 3 years ago used to be FREE! Yes, FREE. They were running a special that offered free 10 pieces of wings when you ate at the bar.

  • $3–10 piece wings
  • $1–tacos
  • $4 Pizza
  • Free–Chips and Salsa

FullSizeRender (7)
Weekly Happenings

    2 for $5 Margaritas
    60oz. Crazy Cactus Fishbowl Special
    Industry Night
    | Bring All Your Amigos &
    Compete for $100 (10 ppl min.). From 8pm
  • Whisk(e)y | $3.95 Fireball & $2.95 Jack Daniel’s Fire
    Live Music Starting at 4pm
    Free Ride Friday
    , Beginning at 4pm | Monarch 544
    Game Night
    | Dueling Party Games,
    Including Guitar Hero. 7-10pm
    Rehab Brunch
    | $1 Bloody Maria
    With Entree Purchase

Spending $20 on a simple Happy Hour meal….is what I consider a happy boyfriend who is footing the bill and a happy girl who is full. It also makes a good day date option. During the week, it’s dinner/shower/sleep/repeat, so it’s refreshing to get out.

Until next time….if your ever in Myrtle Beach, SC area…..check it out!!!!

Jaddddeeeeeeeee ♡


2 thoughts on “Myrtle Beach Happy Hour Find

  1. Yum this all looks good! And thank you for what you do! I know it has to be tough with the things you are faced with, especially in the media, but just remember there ARE people out there who really appreciate you and what you do!

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