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5 Ways To Organize Your Week

It’s that time again.  The spring is coming and our calendars tend to fill up.  Our nights become shorter, and our days become longer. I’m currently in graduate school and wrapping up my practicum, along with starting a new teaching job, in a new state with different standards, a newly wed, and launching a new blog.

Jade works an hour outside her hometown and long hours through the week because of the travel involved with her job, along with growing the blog also.   Things can get a little hectic. On Sundays, we like to sit down and “organize” our week. Listed below you will find what works for both Jade and I for simplifying the madness.

  • Write a “To Do List”:

    We all start the week with items we that were not completed last week, new task that need to be completely this week, and the “surprises” that pops up in the midst of the chaos.  Take a minute to write your task down.  You can prioritize them by importance or plug them into your calendar.

  • Use a Calendar:

    After I make my to do list, I plug the items in for certain days based on importance.  If I need to finish a paper that is due on Sunday, I will plug it in for Tuesday and Wednesday and push lesson planning back to Thursday.  This allows me to get the important items done early in the week when I have most of my energy.


  •  Prep Your Lunch:

    Fitness guru’s live by it but it also comes in handy if you are not a morning person.  Salad’s in a mason jar, are staples around our house, because it gives you the flexibility to grab and go.  This adjustment saves me about 5-10 mins in the morning.

  • Pick Your Outfits Out: 

    Jade has to prep her uniforms for the week and gets the ironing done for both her and the sweetie to save time in the mornings. Adding this to your Sunday routine will make your mornings a lot smoother.  This will save 10-15 minutes in the morning

FullSizeRender (7)

  • Get Some Sleep:

    The older we get the more important this becomes.  We’ve noticed we get fewer task accomplished off our calendars if we are short on sleep for the week.  My (Rikki) typical day starts at 5:45 am and I’m home by 5 pm.  I like to settle into bed around 9pm no later than 10pm. Of course during TGIT, those hours are flexible!!

What are some of your tips for organizing your week? Leave a comment below so we can try them out.

Until Next Time,

Jade & Rikki 


7 thoughts on “5 Ways To Organize Your Week

    1. I make the salad in a jar each Sunday. The longest part is cooking the meat/protein to go in. Other than that it’s a quick 10 mins job!


      1. No preservatives! The mason jar seals tight so that’s all you need. The key is putting the dressing in first and your meat then stack your veggies. I normally do grape tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers in that order!

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