Salmon Spinach Salad

Greetings my fellow chefs,

Another day and another “healthy dinner meal” I must come up with! My bestie (Rikki) and I are future “chefs” in the making and are dying for new recipes to try. So leave us a comment below with your favorite recipe.

My boyfriend and I are on a new health kick this year (well not new, but actually maintaining the healthy eating a month after January lol) and it can be SOOOOOOOO difficult to find a recipe that is healthy/delicious at the same time.


The recipes I post are definitely not original! I’m obsessed with Pioneer Woman along with ALL of the cooking shows Food Network seduce me with. And the new Facebook pages “Tasty/Tastemade/Skinnytaste, etc. just get my creativity flowing. The recipes are a combination of them all, a little from here and there to make greatness.

The concept of this recipe, I stole the idea of my bestie and how she always makes Salmon Caesar Salads. Well, my sweetie only likes one kind of dressing, (FRENCH) so I knew it would be a huge stretch to put salmon and Caesar together. He loves Salmon and spinach as well, but I had to figure out a dressing beside FRENCH to try this with.

Below is my tweak on a Salmon Spinach Salad. If you try it tag us because we would love to see your spin on it.  We are on Instagram (jade.rikki)  and Twitter (jadeandrikki).

I only measured for taste, so use more if you have a bigger family, less if you don’t like something, and substitute for allergies. We had a few ingredients in the house, but sometimes I like to add more and be fancy if I go to the store that day. This combination is also perfect for lunch.

Spin Salad Ingridents

  • Salmon (my favorite store is Kroger, everything I buy is from there )
  • Spinach
  • Carrots
  • Strawberries
  • Cucumbers
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Honey Oats
  • Sea Salt/Pepper
  • Balsamic Vinegar
  • Asian Roasted Sesame

Time to get down and dirty….

  • Start off seasoning the salmon, dressing it up like you know what you are doing lol 🙂
  • Simple salt and pepper and use balsamic vinegar coated on top . (Excuse the old valentine’s day plates lol.


  • Next, I put my plates together. Since I ate my salmon yesterday, I’m just having veggies in mine. I gave him the salmon for tonight.
  • Drizzle the Asian Roasted Sesame dressing on the plate in a cool design
  • Add the veggies in … I started with Spinach, placing them along the sides.
  • Cucumbers next.
  • Carrots !


  • Strawberries
  • And then sunflower seeds and honey oats!
  • Place the salmon, skin up to get the yummy side cooked first
  • Now the salmon, I used olive oil in a non-stick pan, let it get nice and hot but not frying temp.
  • Don’t forget to the wine, but that’s for you 🙂
  • Make sure you can see the back of the salmon, so you can see it being cooked to your likings.
  • Flip it over gently, I use tongs for almost everything. I feel I have more control then a spatula.
  • I added more Balsamic to the pan so it won’t stick or burn too quickly. Kept basing it.
  • Once it’s fully cooked to your likings, set the pan aside and add the salmon to the salad. I added just a little more dressing on top, and perfecto!!! Looks like an expensive salad!!!

All Done Salmon


Quick dish, looks amazing and I hope you enjoy it! My sweetie surely did! I can always tell when he likes a dish or not. If the plate is cleaned and has the look in his eyes for more, I’ve done my job. If it’s half eaten and he says he’s full, ehhhhh… wasn’t so great. And let’s be honest, men are never full!


Until next time,


15 thoughts on “Salmon Spinach Salad

  1. This looks positively righteous!!! I’ve got some salmon I’ve been hoping to spruce up in an original, healthy way. I might just give this a go!

    And thanks for liking my blog, Side/Dishes! – feel free to follow along! I’ve got a host of recipes you might be interested in giving your own healthy spin to – from Indian inspired biryanis to onion soup, to ham on rye! 🙂

    Keep on being awesome!!!


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