Date Night

Timeless Date Night Ideas

Like most couples trying to find something different and affordable for date night can be challenging.  At some point it seems like you have done everything there is to do.

We’ve compiled a short list of “timeless” date night ideas we enjoy. While developing our list, we picked the most affordable options that were both male and female friendly! We tend to be bias to what women prefer.


It’s simple! Go check out your local bowling alley.  Most of them are  $20 or less for two people to bowl prior to 7pm. The fancier the bowling alley, the more expensive it is. We normally “bet” something (foot massage, who’s paying for dinner, walking the dog, laundry duty) to keep the competition atmosphere alive. If you are in the DMV area, check out our previous post reviewing  Lucky Strike located in the heart of Washington, DC.


Binge Watch Classic TV Shows

Martin, Fresh Prince, and Save By The Bell are a staple in our house on the weekends when football season is over (of course)! You can purchase complete seasons on Amazon of your favorite shows. So get cozy and binge watch while enjoying your favorite take out.


Game Night

Jenga, UNO, Phase 10 are all two player games that are classic fun. We normally turn on Pandora, blast the music and get competitive. If you and your mate are drinkers taking shots if you lose a round in UNO or Jenga makes for an interesting night.

FullSizeRender (5)

Happy Hour Hopping

How can you turn down $.25 wings, $2 beer , and $3 Rum and Cokes? Order a drink or two then bounce to 2-3 different restaurants (three on a good night) and you walk away with lots of laughs and great conversation.

What are some of your favorite date night ideas? We would love to hear from you and explore some of your suggestions.  Leave a comment below.

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12 thoughts on “Timeless Date Night Ideas

  1. Nice compilation. Don’t know if this really counts as a “date night” but maybe just a reconnect moment. With 3 kids going here and going there, we don’t have a lot of “bigger” slots of time, so what we do is after we’ve had dinner with our girls…we go out for coffee. Sure, the Keurig on my counter is much more convenient, but it’s nice to just go sit somewhere for 30mins and talk over the day, share moments with each other, in a semi-peaceful or at the least “our own child-free environment”, all the while enjoying a cup of coffee.

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