National Drink Wine Day

In honor of National Drink Wine Day and the oh so famous TGIT (Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How To Get Away With Murder line up on ABC) it’s only right to roll out the wine and cheese.

The love I have for wine is equal as strong as the love I have for coffee. How can anyone turn down a good glass of wine? The older I become (no signs of wrinkles yet) the more I am loving the red wine family. Merlot’s are a staple in my house, good Cabernet’s make me happy, and life is not complete without a strong Malbac every now and them. With the passion for wine came the desire to pair each wine.  A real wine connoisseur would be disappointed in my delay to learn the pairings.

The Wine

This week I picked up a 2014 bottle of Mirassou Merlot. This particular wine is full with blackberry and black cherry flavors and we could tell that it had hints of oaks and pops of vanilla. But for it to be a Merlot, it has a nice lingering after taste and it’s smooth.

The Cheese

Now, on to the cheese! This was actually my first time going out to pick the cheese to make an at home tray. I have tried the pairings a few times, during wine tastings, and at a few wine bars. After looking at a few Pinterest boards for advice I went in for the kill. At my local Whole Food Market I picked up a Smoked Gouda, Montgomery White Cheddar, and a Red Pepper Brie. OMGGGGGG…..heaven on a tray!!!! You know that feeling that you get when you nail a Pinterest idea!


The Meat

For meats, I kept it traditional and picked up Capocolla, Salami, and Prosciutto (came together in a ready to eat pack). In the midst of getting wrapped up in the cheese, I forgot crackers but we had a few a packs of the Garlic Ritz Crackers in the pantry that work well with this tray. Total cost of the tray (cheese and meat) $15. Some may think that’s high but I had enough left over to use as an “appetizer” the next day for our Valentines Day meal.

Do you know any good pairings for red wines? If so, leave a comment below and I will try them out. What are some of your favorite red wines?


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