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“Free Your Pores”

Ahhhh…the ongoing battles of finding an affordable yet GREAT face wash. In my house the battle with face wash is my husband use so much of it (dude you need one pump not 4)!

I have tried so many over the years and finally came across the Bioré line.  It was actually recommended by a friend (2012) who loved their facial nose strips to help remove blackheads.  When I went to pick up the strips I also grabbed the face wash. It was good.  But, with any product after while you want to try something new or a different variation of the original product.

This week the Bioré new Baking Soda Pore Cleanser is on sale ($5.99) at Walgreens. When I “ran” in to get a few hair products there was a display so I said why not. My husband used it first and his exactly words were “my face feels light and clean”:) (not sure how his face felt before). For me, I truly felt like it removed the oils, dirt, and left a refreshing moisturized feeling afterwards. The product is 100% alcohol free, which helps prevent the stripping of moisture from your pores. I pair it with my Tucker Ashley Perfecting Moisturizer and I’m done.


Overall, on a scale of 1-10 I would rate this product a 10.  There are currently no cons.  It’s priced welled for the bottle size (6.77 fl oz), it’s alcohol free, with a refreshing cleanse. Bioré products are also sold at Ulta.

What’s your favorite face wash? Leave a comment and let me know recommendations and if you have tried this product or brand 🙂

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3 thoughts on ““Free Your Pores”

  1. My favorite face wash is raw honey. Like legit the honey you get at the grocery store. It’s done amazing things for my skin. I’ve recently started using baking soda and apple cider vinegar as well. I’ve written posts about all of it! It really is tough to find the right product for your face. I totally feel you!

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    1. I have to try honey. We recently moved and I can tell the new environment is not agreeing with my skin. Thanks for reading 🙂 I’m excited to check out your post

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