Happy Valentines Day

My very 1st entry into the blog and it happens to fall on “lovers weekend”, so to speak. I hope everyone has a spectacular day or evening or weekend!!!

My sugar love and I have had 3 previous Valentine’s, each where it was both unique in its on own way. Our first year, we experience the Melting Pot Restaurant with presents/coupons/ flowers and etc. 2nd year his high school friends decided to have a joint V-Day extravaganza, which included party bus, cookout, friends, and waffle house date after the club! And last year, his job happened to have his weekender (once a year, his company takes a weekend trip to celebrate all the bonuses they made the previous year….) we lucked out that it was in our back yard this year “Myrtle Beach”, had dinner, happy hour, and a free hotel to do whatever it is, we wanted ♡. So the whole point of that “run-on-sentence”, was that my hunny and I have had our fair share of Valentines which brings me to my next point….

We ain’t doing ishhhhhh this year lol!!! But let me redirect my statement. We are a young couple who has recently bought a home (a year ago, so not recent anymore), but have been spending our Last bit of pennies in our savings for the house, birthdays/christmas, our next trip in June to Aruba, a possible job change coming up in a few weeks, and the stress has been unreal.  Valentines day sort of snuck up on us this year and we both just did not have plans.

Fast forward to Friday….. well its a typical Friday at the Sheriff’s office; and I had to work late. Like usual, I’m sad and upset another weekend I’m home late, and of course It doesn’t phase him one bit. Normal words, “it’s okay boo, just get home safe”.  (Why is he soooooooooooo sweet?) Well finally I get home at 9pm with a few friends texting me to go out (NO, exhausted)…as I walk in the door, rose pedals leading up to the stair case and into the room. Bath water running, pedicure/spa accessories/ flowers everywhere and him with a HUGE smile saying Happy Valentines day! It made me melt from head to toe. We live together so it’s difficult to plan surprises like he did, (he’s complained previously about that lol…..but that’s another post).

image1 (1)

I felt so loved and special, because we literally just talked about just relaxing and maybe dinner…and he had the weekend planned. It made me think, after all its said and done, after all the fussing I give him saying he doesn’t pay attention, and he never argues back, instead he just proves me wrong continuously! !!!! I’m so blessed for him.

My present to him, he hasn’t received yet so that’s the next post 😉 but it’s something simple and thoughtful, but I can never top how he made me feel this weekend…..

image2 (1)

Enjoy your weekend, whether it’s a whole shabang, spa package, or just dinner and movie.  Tomorrow is Never promised so live for the moment and love! And don’t forget about HIM ♡

1st entry ….. and a million more to go.



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